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DiscoverKorcula tourist newspaper premieres!

cover KorculaYesterday we took the 5:30 PM  ferry from Split to Vela Luka, on the island of Korcula, accompanied by 40,000 copies of the newest Discover newspaper–DiscoverKorcula!

It was a six month culmination of labor and love working with the tourist board of directors of the Old Town, Lumbarda, Smokvica, Blato and Vela Luka to create a newspaper that reflected each of their local communities and the sense of the island’s history and culture.   What a great bunch of professionals!

history and lumbardaAlthough the Tourist Boards of each community embraced the idea of a free, English language newspaper for tourists enthusiastically, possible local advertisers were a little wary of something this “new”.  So it took a lot of persuasion and very low advertising rates to make it a reality.

Smokvica and BlatoBecause we only had enough advertising and text to create an 8 page paper, I decided to use a different printer and a heavier, “brighter white” newsprint to give the paper a more quality look and feel.  Radin Print, in Zagreb, did an amazing job!  The colors are fabulous and the overall look is almost magazine- like.  Hat’s off to Mario Vrandecic, the designer!

Vela LukaIt was an incredibly hectic day….waiting for the truck with two pallets holding 40,000 papers (200 stacks of newspapers, total weight, 1000 kilos) and then convincing the port authorities that if they let us get real close to the ferry with the truck, we could offload much faster with a hand fork lift.

Of course when we got to the other end, Vela Luka, 3 hours later, we didn’t have a nifty hand fork lift, and uh oh, now our 200 stacks of papers were in the REAR of the ferry not the front, so we got permission to have a van drive all the way to the back of ferry and then formed a human chain (just think flood movies, seeing people hand sand bags from one to the other and you’ll get the idea!).  Surprisingly,  it took just 20 minutes to get ALL 200 stacks into the van and on their way.

Unreotuched, photographed with my Blackberry Storm, wow, what a pizza!

Unretouched, photographed with my Blackberry Storm, wow, what a pizza!

We spend the next day going to each tourist board off loading papers at each place and passing them out to anyone who looked like a tourist….and boy did they snap them up!

After spending the night and having maybe one of the best pizzas in my life at Alfa in Vela Luka(read our next blog, this baby above won a prize at Bologna, Italy contest that featured 400 entries!), we made the 6:15AM back so Split, pooped but still high on being involved with such great people and a terrific first issue.

Thanks to:  Hana Turidic, the director of the Korcula tourist board and Stanka, whose decades of devotion to the Old Town makes our history page so interesting, Martina Marelic, the energetic director in Smovica, Ksenija Peručić in Lumbarda, land of the Grk and other fabulous wine, Maja  Šeparović, who REALLY loves Blato and Nikolina Oreb Pucic and Dorjan Dragojevic, our host and director in Vela Luka who was one of the sand bag gang offloading the ferry!  Next year?  16 pages!!!


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