Posted by: viewfromtheriva | July 19, 2013

Split’s new outdoor Artique/Antique Market Opens

Split's new antique marketWe’ve been serious bargain hunters for years, whether picking through the shops in Shoreditch, the Greenwich Village of London, or checking out the stalls in the Vernisage in Moscow and now making sure part of every Sunday is spent browsing the makeshift tables behind the Green Market here in Split.

A year or so ago there was a wonderful Sunday Market that spilled onto the walking street leading away from the Green Market and ran all the way up to the parking lot.   Heaven!  But it has become much less interesting and the sellers far and few between.

So when we heard the city had given a concession to sellers to set up stalls in front of the small park just outside the Golden Gate where the statue of Grgur of Nin is, we were thrilled.

More of an artique/antique market than a yard sale, with prices that go as high as 600E for a gorgeous, large brass 1920 kerosene ship lantern, it’s a great way to spend an hour checking out all sorts of books, furniture, jewelry and more.

The stalls will be open every day til the end of summer…..enjoy!


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  1. I heard that this was on in Sept – is that the case? I’d love to come down and snap up some bargains for my new house.

    • Yes, it should be but the prices are not bargain by any means….try the unofficial flea market on Sunday that runs up the alleystreet at the top of the steps of the Green Market left all the way up to the parking lot. Best place for bargains are the town run Saint’s Day fairs and of course the big outdoor flea market in Benkovac, once a month.

  2. This market sounds great! Do you know if it will be on tomorrow?

  3. Hi, do you know of any other good flea markets in Croatia? we plan to go to the one in Zagreb but we are looking to find more as we will be driving through the whole country

    • The town of Benkovac, which I wrote about, and the Sunday flea market here in Split up the steps from the Green Market and to your left.Sundays only. 10AM to around 2

  4. great thanks, do you know where i can find out which day the Benkovac market is on? i read it might be the 10th day of the month but i wanted to make sure before we head there. Also do you have any suggestions for nice places to visit in Croatia that won’t be too touristy at this time of year?

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