Posted by: viewfromtheriva | June 3, 2013

Traditional Food Fair, a 12 day Split Riva event

Inside the big tent were more than 50 vendors of everything from artisan bread to home-made hooch.

Inside the big tent were more than 50 vendors of everything from artisan bread to home-made hooch.

Vedran Matosic, Split’s enterprising Tourist Board Director, has made it a hallmark to build the city’s image into a year round, event-filled European destination.  And this week’s Traditional Food Fair, with more than 50 vendors inside a giant tent at the end of the Riva, is another way locals and visitors alike are enjoying this ancient city by the sea.

There was some pretty terrific stuff to sample and buy—Dobricic wine from Solta (a rare treat since it is only grown there and the production is less than 1000 bottles), honey and natural herbs, a huge variety of smoked and other cured meats, artisan cheeses (goat, cow, with herbs and smoked!) and more!

Singing up a storm


As an added feature, various groups of authentically costumed singing groups are scheduled to perform throughout the 12 day event.  Whether accompanied by accordions or guitars or a capella, the singers added a festive note to the soggy weather over the past few days!


Prust, the quintessential Dalmatian delicacy.  Dry aged and cured without cooking, its delicate flavor is unique and reflects both how it has been aged and for how long.  Although Italy claims to have the best (San Daniele prsut goes for more than $25 pound!), Croats feel theirs is the best!

traditional dress

It’s really good to see the city making the effort to show tourists that there’s more to Split than our 1,700 Diocletian’s Palace.


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