Posted by: viewfromtheriva | March 12, 2021

Celebrating 100,000 views

When I first started View from the Riva in 2009, when I moved to Croatia, I didn’t even know the term “blogosphere”. But I quickly found out that what I enjoyed reading were called blogs and the people who wrote them, bloggers. Now that we have just passed our 100,000the reader, I decided to go back and see which of my 300 blog posts were read the most.

Since I rarely use View from the Riva to complain, it was interesting to see that my review of the 2Cellos, which was not positive, was way up there at number 6. The only other surprise was number 3, a story about my tea and sweets with the imam and his wife of Split’s Muslim community. Alas, number 10, Bakra’s sublime pizza, is no longer, the original owners having sold and now the place is an upscale bistro with trendy interior decor that is little distinguished from any big city eatery.

To all of you who have taken the time to read and comment, thank you! I admit I have been terribly lazy about posting new blogs in the past few years and promise to do better in the future!

2989 DiscoverSplit! tourist newspaper premieres!
2870 Split’s surprising Sunday Flea Market
2635 Split’s enduring Muslim community
2523 Zagreb to Split by train–wow!
2.198Fabulous peka at Konoba Idro in Trogir
1,766The 2 Cellos, not even one Yo Yo Ma
1.765Kuwaiti billionaire’s $100 million yacht Samar motors into Split
1,683 Celebrating Split’s last filigree master
1,643 Island-hopping the Adriatic aboard the M.V. Magellan
1,599 The best pizza in Split!

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