Posted by: viewfromtheriva | July 17, 2017

Raging wildfire threatens Split!

Smoke fills the sky casting a dark shadow over the city. this photo was taken from a neighborhood about 6 kilometers from the site.


The wild fire had reached the populated area of Dracevac, less than 3km from where we live.  This photo was take from our roof.

The fire was so out of control, you could see the flames spreading down the hillside

It’s been a wickedly hot summer with temperatures in the mid 30’s–almost 100F–for weeks.  With no rain, the threat of wildfires here has never been greater.  The predominant trees here are pine, and when they catch fire, filled with tar and sap, it’s explosive….the flames spread quickly from tree to tree and the parched ground grass, practically like hay, is the perfect tinder to keep the flames going.  The smoke can be seen for miles here and with the fire high up in the hills in-between the rocky crags, it’s almost impossible to fight.  Although housing here is concrete with little worry of burning, the olive trees, vineyards, orchards and vegetable farms that many people living up in the hills depend on for their livelihoods is really under threat.

On every rooftop, people gathered to watch the blaze

Last year almost 70% of the vineyards in parts of Korcula were wiped out from fire.  And the year before, the vineyards on the Peljesac peninsula too a direct hit from the flames there.

It’s days like today that make you think, yes, a gorgeous part of the world, surrounded by blue skies and the sea–and Mother Nature just around the corner letting you know that she’s in charge….always.

UPDATE:   The fire is now greatly expanding and waves of fire fighting aircraft are now being used, which we can see swooping in from our roof, dumping chemicals on the blaze to try and contain it.  News reports now claim several houses in the area are ablaze and a call for fire fighting equipment from around the region has been made and trucks and personnel are on their way.

July 18 UPDATE

Still burning, the fire is slowly being contained….friends who have houses nearby fought the blaze with water hoses, but so far we have not heard about any loss of life…..both malls were evacuated because of smoke and we lost power for several hours last night…’s how the media is handling the story:


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