Posted by: viewfromtheriva | July 17, 2017

Queen Mira docks in Split, welcome aboard for $2 million a week

92 meters long, the luxurious Queen Mira is the largest mega yacht to dock in Split this year

It’s always a real kick to go by the Western Promenade of Split’s waterfront “Riva” and check out the yachts tied up for a day or two on their way around this part of the world.  There are always some real beauties with fabulous names and fabled home ports like Gibraltar, Valleta (Malta), the Caymans, etc.

This week the Queen Mira is here, a megayacht with its own pool, a crew of 30 plus and cabins for another 36.  Complete with helicopter pad, this kind of ne plus ultra cruising is for the rarefied few who can put up a cool $2 million a week to charter this literal queen of the seas.

A stunning pool, plus a sauna, steam room and all sorts of other goodies on this ship.

This photo isn’t as glam as the first one, cruising along smartly at 17 knots–the Queen has a 7,000 nautical mile range by the way—but it shows how it dwarfs the mooring along the Western Promenade here in Split:


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