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The Split/Central Dalmatia Travel Guide premieres–free, pocket-sized and packed with content!

The cover of the new Split/Central Dalmatia Travel Guide. free, pocket-sized and packed with content!

For the past six months we have been working tirelessly to create the first travel guide that gives tourists a fits-in-your-pocket view of what’s waiting for them when they come to Split/Central Dalmatia.

Complete with a list of all travel agencies with offices in Split (more than 100!), the Guide is divided into activity/destination sections like “Adventure”, “Islands”, “UNESCO sites,” etc.

The Guide includes information about events, festivals, towns and more

Although the internet is a treasure trove, lying on a beach or hanging out in a cafe trying to go online and find a particular event, town, etc. can be a trying experience from someone from Norway who is here in Split or Dalmatia for a week.  So our goal was to create something comprehensive but compact, with just enough information to get you interested in finding out more.  We took the idea and a few concept pages to both the Tourist Board of Split and the Central Dalmatia Tourist Board for their input.

The Guide has separate sections on key towns and cities in the region, with links to their websites for more information

They both thought it was a great idea since so many tourists who have “done” Krka and Hvar come to the the tourist office and ask “what else can we do in the next few days we are here?”.   So being able to hand them a comprehensive Guide instead of endlessly repeating the same information was viewed as something really valuable.


Even Festivals in Split and Central Dalmatia are covered

The next thing to consider of course, was advertising.  With a press run of 50,000, giving away a well-printed 128 page was not going to be cheap.  So we decided to have ONE advertiser for any given activity or destination giving each advertiser an “exclusive” opportunity to get a direct booking and surely a lot of visibility!  Less ads, more content.

So we began contacting the advertisers whose programs we knew were the best, most professional and the response was wonderful….and they loved it!

The next task was getting great photos and making sure all the texts were the same length so the design would make sense…and of course, a ton of proof-reading!

Having only l ad per activity or destination puts content first in the Guide

After a number of text proofs, we finally sent it off for printing and now they are here and available at all tourist offices, most of the cities and towns in the Guide, hotels, and more.  So far the response has been great–we hope to make it an annual publication.  Special thanks to Mario Vrandecic, our fabulous designer!

To download it, please use this link:

And if you do please let us know what you like, don’t like and what we can do to make it even more useful!





  1. We are planning a trip to Croatia for Aug. 2018, and would very much like to download your Travel Guide. I found it using the link in your wonderful bog, but it does not allow downloading. Can you help?

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