Posted by: viewfromtheriva | November 17, 2016

Giant lobster swims into Split….and maybe escapes!


Today I visited one of my favorite restaurants, Re di Mare, located smack on the wharf in the Spinut Marina. In addition to their outdoor waterside seating, their indoor seating features a pretty nice size aquarium stocked with local fish.

As I was leaving, there was a big commotion around the tank, with the chef and his crew struggling with–holy mackerel, what is THAT—a giant lobster!

you should see his claws!

you should see his claws!

The beast took up half the tank and weighed at least 8 kilos….and according to marine scientists, anything this big is more than 50 years old.  At 700kn for a normal lobster dinner here, around $110, I was looking at a $1000 plus meal, alive and swimming!

Having lived in coastal Maine, where lobsters are part of the local landscape and monsters like this are caught every year, it was an eerie reminder of what lurks beneath us and how magical it is seeing creatures like this so close up.

But a big part of me still wants to sneak back in, grab it, and put it back where it came from…..


Update Nov . 28


Went back today and the beast was gone…I asked “was it eaten?”  Thankfully, it was “given away” and the understanding was that it “was released back into the sea”

Let’s hope so!


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