Posted by: viewfromtheriva | June 11, 2016

2016 Split Restaurant Guide is published!

The cover of the new 2016 Split  Restaurant Guide

The cover of the new 2016 Split Restaurant Guide

After months of planning, DiscoverSplit’s 2016 Restaurant Guide has finally been published!  With more than 250 restaurants in and around the city, the diversity of what to eat here has really mushroomed.  Rather than be a review or a ranking,  the guide covers 32 restaurants (“from Apetit to Zora Bila”) that the editors feel represent the “tastes” of Split.  Designed to help tourists get a good overview, make a reservation, etc. the editors met with the owners and personally ate at every restaurant.

To ensure impartiality, each restaurant is showcased with the same size photo and equal amount of text and appears in alphabetical order.

In addition to giving tourists contact information, ambiance, specialties, history, house specialties, etc., each restaurant has a special offer– from discounts if you dine before 8; a welcome glass of wine to KoBaje’s “kiss any waiter and watch what happens!”.

The last two pages features emergency contact info, web addresses of the ferry/airport etc. and helpful info on what to do if your car gets towed, 24 hour pharmacies and even where to get emergency private dental work 24 hours a day!

Kiss a waiter and watch what happens!

Kiss a waiter and watch what happens!

The guide is available at tourist offices, hotels without public restaurants (like Art, Globo, President, etc.) at each restaurant in the guide and at apartments/hostels in and around the Old Town.

The press run is 40,000 copies, which if the first few days is any indication, will just about last for the summer!







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