Posted by: viewfromtheriva | March 12, 2016

Searching for the fabulous….from store-bought bargains to second hand treasures and free found objects

Part of an old door, with iron window bars, chain and an old lock

Part of an old door, with iron window bars, rusty chain and an old lock and well-weather boards–junk to some, treasure to us!  It measures 2 x 3 feet.

Now that we have finally bought a house here in Croatia, which needs wall to wall renovation, we’ve been spending time looking at everything from toilets (self closing lids seem to be very in these days), stove tops, sinks, doors, floor tile, wood floors, under floor heating, photovoltaics, staircases, iron cookware, roofing tile, woodstoves, gas or electric powered weed-whackers, chain saws, upholstery fabric, kitchens and more.

Although we look at new stuff, we also look at used and boy, are there some deals out there if you are patient!

We have already aced a new floor model $10,000 designer Knoll kitchen for $2, 700 and a used, but in perfect shape, enormous top of the  line Velux skylight for $125 that lists for over $1,000

Our $10,000 designer Knoll kitchen at 75% off--and no interest for 12 months!

Our $10,000 designer Knoll kitchen at 75% off–and no interest for 12 months!  It takes time to sleuth these bargains out, but it’s well worth it!

Since we both love found objects, second-hand clothing (I have two brand new Hugo Boss jackets, both bought for less than $5 that online sell for $600 and Natasha has designer shoes and handbags that retail for even more insane amounts), we are now more than ever on the lookout for cool stuff that can adorn our walls, garden, etc. besides old nautical charts ($3 each), our wonderful Russian mechanical clocks (see our other blogs about these) , a chunk of the Trans-Siberian railroad (still in Russia, 4 kilos) and the one painting we actually paid for–Mario Vrandecic’s gorgeous modern oil of olive trees on Brac.

Today, leaning up against a dumpster near the Green Market was this terrific ancient chunk of an old door, probably from a garden shed or who knows, complete with rusty lock and chain, iron window slats and beautifully weathered wood.

It was asking to come home so of course we rescued it….. I pulled out some nails and straightened them and then gently hammered them back in place to make sure what was left of this artique would stay in one piece………….. boy will it be stunning on our wall!



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