Posted by: viewfromtheriva | February 14, 2016

Valentines Day in Split a la Park Hotel

And it tastes even better than it looks!

And it tastes even better than it looks!

The Park hotel is unlike any other here.  Instead of the sleek, modern boutiques and resort properties springing up around town, it has always kept in touch with its past, like some grand 1930’s ocean liner, graceful, proud, once luxurious, a bit faded around the edges but still immensely comfortable with the kind of amenities now considered way too extravagant–like gorgeous parquet floors, deep upholstered furniture and a staff that looks great in livery and knows the difference between service and a smile.

Last year, after a major renovation, it became just the second 5 star hotel in Split–the other being the business class Atrium at the entrance to the city.

The 5th star was earned by adding a swimming pool, enlarging many rooms and adding a whole new wing.  The place just glows!   From the handsome new lobby to the completely restored restaurant and public rooms.  The best of its past, beautifully updated to the present!

Although the pool is small, it’s the finishing touch to the Park’s expansive outdoor terrace which even has a view of the sea.

Perched directly above Bacvice beach, the city’s only sandy beach and as all locals know, the place to bring the family to swim, we hadn’t been to the Park since the renovation and decided to stop in to have a pre-Valentines day coffee and pastry on their fabulous outdoor terrace.

Hard to imagine on such a warm sunny afternoon that we were the only ones out there!  But we were treated like royalty–ordering just two cups of coffee and a slice of chocolate cake.

Wow, what a divine presentation–not just chocolate cake, but a pot of cherries in liquer, some perfect slices of kiwi, extra fudge bon bons delicately rolled in coconut, tiny white chocolate hearts and more.

Absolutely 5 star!  And the price for such grandeur?  Less than $10!

Next time I’ll wear a tux.



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