Posted by: viewfromtheriva | February 5, 2016

The Little Prince, aka Smiley, the Russian toy terrier

Smiley, our Russian toy terrier, turns heads wherever he goes

Smiley, our Russian toy terrier, turns heads wherever he goes

As readers of this blog know, Natasha and I are cat people.   While we both like to look at and sometimes pet dogs, there’s something about a pussycat that just speaks to us.  Well, after three cats, one still with us, we are now the proud parents of Smiley, a Russian toy terrier, brought to us by Natasha’s daughter as a gift when her Russian toy had kids.

I resisted at first, because, really, a DOG?  But a 1.5 kilo dog that fits into your pocketbook, never grows any bigger and is this cute is very hard not to like.   I lasted about three months and now, reluctantly, I have to admit he is cute, smart, quiet and well, as close to a cat as you can get.  Surprisingly, the two beasts get along fabulously despite the fact that our fat cat outweighs Smiley by 5 kilos!

The above photo was taken when a friend gave us bottle of champagne for the holidays and it had a sort of vest around the neck.  Next thing I took it off and tried it on the pooch to see what it looked like.  Then I grabbed red paper napkin and voila, The Little Prince.

Separate but equal

Separate but equal

Natahsa is a fabulous trainer and has taught Smiley to actually pee on cue into a litter box.  And my worries about him being a yip, yip–you know small dogs that bark like banshees–were unfounded.  He really does have a winning personality–in other words, he doesn’t yip and even more importantly, doesn’t lick you to death  either. But despite his tiny size, if he hears another dog outside he barks protectively until we have to tell him to cool it.  The rascal.

Being so small, Natasha takes him everywhere and all over Split, young and old alike stop to ask what kind of dog he is and where we got him. etc., etc. so he is quite the around town canine.

But no matter how cute and small, I’m still a pussycat at heart.



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