Posted by: viewfromtheriva | July 29, 2014

HRT Jazz Orchestra Abba’s into Split


Lasse Lingren leading the HRT Jazz ORchestra last night oin the Riva

Lasse Lingren leading the HRT Jazz Orchestra last night on the Riva

Last night, Split jazz fans enjoyed a free 11PM concert on the Riva by the HRT Jazz Orchestra, a 16 plus member group that’s been a vital part of the Croatian jazz scene for decades.

The event was part of the 60th Annual Split Summer Festival–a terrific gift from the city that celebrates ballet, music, dance, theatre and more.

The inspiration for HRT Jazz Orchestra’s hour long set here in Split was the music of Abba, Sweden’s gift to pop rock that inspired movies, plays, theatre and legions of fans worldwide.   Appropriately, the featured performer was a talented Swedish trumpeter, composer and arranger, Lasse Lindgren.

From their bio, “…the group was formerly known as the Radio Zagreb Dance Orchestra and has been in existence for the past sixty odd years and such longevity is rarely seen on a world scale. The RTZ Dance Orchestra, as it was known at the time, was a predecessor of today’s HRT Jazz Orchestra and was founded during season 1946/1947 to meet the needs of the Radio and was made up of best musicians from several ensembles, led by Zlatko Černjul.  The Orchestra was later led by several conductors, but Miljenko Prohaska has a special place in the  history of the orchestra, as he led it for 30 years…”

It was a wonderful night of jazz a la Abba done up loud and brassy by a talented ensemble of musicians who really knew how to play.  Although I found some of the arrangements too repetitive and predictable, the solo work was excellent and the group definitely was here to put on a great show and did!



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