Posted by: viewfromtheriva | July 28, 2014

On the waterfront, in Split Croatia



Split’s previous mayor was as controversial as Berlasconi, but he is responsible for completing the rest of Split’s marvelous waterfront promenade, the Riva.

Thanks to Mayor Kerum, the promenade now extends all the way west around the entire harbor to the ACI Marina.  Unlike the main Riva, lined with cafes and restaurants with little space for pleasure boats other than tour boats and the weekly gaggle of gulets doing the Split-Dubrovnik run, the Western Promenade is nautical heaven, with moorings running the entire length, allowing mega yachts like this beauty to tie-up and step right off to enjoy a glorious waterfront seat at one of the cafes.

Even at night, a glorious sight!

Even at night, a glorious sight!

Sitting so close to such beautiful yachts is a rare treat–no throngs of crowds like there are on the “other Riva” , with chock a block cafes–here you sit so amazingly close to the water, you can actually feel and hear the sound that everyone who loves the sea knows and adores.

Another small moment of bliss here in Split!


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