Posted by: viewfromtheriva | April 18, 2014

Happy Easter!

ducklings and chickens n sale at the Green Market a few days before Easter

Baby ducklings and chickens for sale at the Green Market a few days before Easter

Easter is a major two day holiday here in Croatia. In Split, all of the city’s many churches are bedecked with flowers and celebrate masses on both days.

There’s a genuine passion in the air, people feel GOOD and their optimism is infectious.  Although Croatia’s Catholic roots run deep, Easter here is as much a holiday of good food, fun and being with friends as it is a joyous religious observance.

Part of the “fun” tradition is buying baby chicks and ducks.  To Westerners, seeing live critters for open sale in a fruit and vegetable market is still pretty unusual.  But here in Split’s bustling Green Market, it was a natural as a stall selling blitva.

keeping warm

keeping warm

In one part of the market all you could hear was  “cheep, cheep, cheep” from the boxes of birdies being sold by a gaggle of sellers.  And by the looks of the crowds around each stall, they were doing a brisk business.

fluffy little critters

fluffy little critters

It was oddly charming to see all these fluffy little critters for sale,  but alas, I couldn’t help thinking what would happen to them in a month or two–would they wind up in someone’s soup?  Be taken to grandma and grandpa in the village?  Kept in a cage?

I’d like to think the latter two…………



  1. As much as I did like to put my hand among all this yellow fluffiness and warmth, it did make me sad so see all these little chicks huddled in a small box and sold as short-term pets (there were also small rabbits on sale)….I wondered how many children will actually care for them more than a day or two? Maybe it’s a tradition, but it’s a cruel and needless one, so I hope that some Animal Protection organization will put a stop to it!

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