Posted by: viewfromtheriva | February 9, 2014

Rainy day seagulls

Seagulls enjoying the warm water

Seagulls enjoying the warm water

The weather here in Split and pretty much all of Dalmatia and up in Zagreb where there has been some nasty snow, has been wet, cool and windy—both buras and jugos, the typical winter winds that can blow cars off the road.  Avoiding cabin fever means venturing out with boots and umbrellas (which last about two hours when it’s windy, turning trash pails around the city into mortuaries for the skeletal remains of inside out umbrellas).

But it’s no surprise to see people out and about in the Green Market, on the Riva, doing what they normally do…it’s just rain after all and life goes on!  Today, as we headed back from the Green Market with some fabulous smoked cheese and Neda’s peka bread, we saw a huge flock of seagulls swarming around a boat tied up near Matejuska, the small marina at the end of the Riva which used to be home for the city’s fisherman, but now is mostly for small pleasure boats.

Alfred Hitchcock would have loved this scene!

Alfred Hitchcock would have loved this scene!

At first we thought the boat must have had the remains of a catch on deck and the hungry gulls were just going wild enjoying a free meal. But the closer we got we saw they actually were taking a bath in the warmer waters that flow into the harbor here from deep underground fresh water, sulfur-infused springs.  And maybe the warmer water attracted some edible morsels as well.

All I could think of was the famous Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds, which features Tippi Hedren being pecked alive by crows.

It was a great “photo op” and another small but wonderful pleasure that added a nice bit of drama to a day full of gray.


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