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6th Split Graphics Bienale begins!

Close up of a large forma graphic from one of the winners

Close up of a large forma graphic from one of the winners

The 6th Split Graphic Bienale, initiated by Pavo Majic, Split’s celebrated graphic artist, began last night with a gala opening at Split’s Old City Hall exhibition space in the Pjaca where it will run until later this month.

This year’s juried event featured a terrific array of works from around the world, with the winning  entries coming from more than 10 different countries including strong representation from Poland and Japan.

Split's Old City Hall was filled with art lovers for the opening

Split’s Old City Hall was filled with art lovers for the opening

This year’s competition featured a wonderful collection of work in various media that was displayed on all three floors of the Old City Hall.

Tamiyuki Sakuta's intalglio works won a pair of prizes

Tamiyuki Sakuta’s intalglio works won a pair of prizes

In addition to some very sophisticated intaglio work from Polish and Japanese artists there were some colorful, dreamy works from well known Croatian artists.

Here is a complete list of the winners:


                         Manfred Egger, Austrija/Austria

                         Hugo U. Besard, Belgija

                         Ingrid Ledent, Belgija/Belgium

                         Lubomír Přibyl, Češka/Czech republic

                         Lauri Koppel, Estonija/Estonia

                         Juhani Järvinen, Finska/Finland

                         Nicolas Poignon, Francuska/France

                         Nevenka Arbanas, Hrvatska/Croatia

                         Jana Bonačić, Hrvatska/Croatia

                         Boris Bućan, Hrvatska/Croatia

                         Edvin Dragičević, Hrvatska/Croatia  

                         Katarina Fabijanić, Hrvatska/Croatia

                         Marinko Jelača, Hrvatska/Croatia

                         Duje Jurić, Hrvatska/Croatia

                         Vanja Jović, Hrvatska/Croatia

                         Igor Konjušak, Hrvatska/Croatia

                         Marija Kokeza Roginić, Hrvatska/Croatia

                         Kristina Restović, Hrvatska/Croatia

                         Nikola Skokandić, Hrvatska/Croatia

                         Iva Šarić, Hrvatska/Croatia

                         Ana Vivoda, Hrvatska/Croatia

                         Maja Zemunik – Mužinić, Hrvatska/Croatia

                         Masahiro Kasai, Japan

                         Tadataka Kudo, Japan

                         Miwako Oso, Japan

                         Tomiyuki Sakuta, Japan

                         Christiaan Diedericks, Južna Afrika/South Africa    

                         Briar Craig, Kanada/Canada

                         Ross Racine, Kanada/Canada

                         Janice Wong, Kanada/Canada

                         Chuan Chen, Kina/China

                         Herman Noordermeer, Nizozemska/The Netherlands               

                         Joanna Janowska-Augustyn, Poljska/Poland

                        Grażyna Kulikowska – Antczak, Poljska/Poland

                        Marta Lech, Poljska/Poland

                        Bogdan Miga, Poljska/Poland

                         Natalia Romaniuk, Poljska/Poland

                         Wojciech Tylbor-Kubrakiewicz, Poljska/Poland

It’s a great show, well worth seeing, and the admission is free, so don’t miss it!



  1. Hmmmm, I am not so sure what I think about that painting…. I note that you did not comment your thoughts about it either 😉

    • I really enjoyed it and thought I made it clear that it is a great show.
      There are no “paintings”, all the art is graphics….meaning lithographs, intaglio, mixed media, etc. etc. Go, see, enjoy!

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