Posted by: viewfromtheriva | August 19, 2013

Meeeow, laundry time in Split!

whenever mom does some hand washing, the cats come to watch

whenever mom does some hand washing, the cats come to watch

Our four month old kittens have become very attached to us, but mostly to Natasha; the hand that feeds, the hand that washes, etc. etc.  Every time she does some hand laundry they follow her fearlessly, oblivious of the big yellow bucket full of gurgling soapy water and just sort of hang out…..on her back!

I can only guess that maybe if Natasha keeps washing the tile will part and she and the cat will be in the next apartment

Typical cat thinking, “gee if  mom keeps washing…the tiles will part and I’ll finally get a chance to go outside…giddyapp mom!”

Each time they do I always forget to take a photo but today they were in such rare form, I just kept clicking away.  Actually being near all this water has its virtues, when it’s time to give THEM a bath, instead of scratching our eyes out and tearing the shower curtain they sort of put up with it.  And sometimes when WE take a shower, a tiny head pops in and enjoys the rain!

We still dearly miss our first cat here in Split, the amazing Tabby….it took many months to even consider getting a new feline….and then a cat lover who rescues them by the dozen begged us to take TWO and of course, with critters like these, who can say no?


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