Posted by: viewfromtheriva | April 4, 2013

Korcula Old Town’s Lesic Dimitri Palace, an oasis of delicious luxury

spectacular seared tuna with its nest of vegetable "marmalade"

spectacular seared tuna with its nest of vegetable “marmalade”

Getting ready to publish DiscoverKorcula, the newest addition to our English language newspapers for tourists, has been a real treat– not only have I been able to visit all parts of the island, but get to know and appreciate its people, its traditions and of course, its food.  The other day, we were treated to some gourmet fare at Korcula Old Town’s signature 5 star boutique hotel and restaurant, the Lesic Dimitri Palace.  Smack on the seafront promenade that winds its way around the Old Town, the Palace is one of those places that’s purposely off the radar unless you know about it.  With just a handful of suites, each magically named to recapture the legends made famous by Korcula’s most famous native son, Marco Polo, the attention to detail and guest satisfaction has earned the Palace an enviable global reputation.  We got a quick cook’s tour of The Silk Road, a spacious, dreamy suite with its own dining room, en suite jacuzzi, private terrace and so much more.  From authentic, ancient stone floors to custom marble sinks and furnishings, these truly were sublime digs….at a cool 700E a night!

But we weren’t there for sleeping, we were there to sample some fabulous food, starting with some baked oysters from Ston, followed by tender scallops and then a stunning quick seared tuna.  Dessert was a fig-infused chocolate cake with warm pears  Feast your eyes:

Oysters from Ston, the best in the world!

Oysters from Ston, the best in the world!

And of course, what meal would not be complete without something sinful, like chocolate cake with warm pears!

Chocolate cake with pears

For all of you who have thought of going to Korcula before or after Dubrovnik, you must.  And when you do, lunch or dinner on the Palace patio overlooking the sea will make your visit complete!


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