Posted by: viewfromtheriva | January 8, 2013

Discovering Slime, the Cetina River canyon and Old Town Omis

Just minutes from Omis is the lush Cetina River canyon–a natural wonder with steep gorges, sleepy hilltop villages and switch back roads that make taking this afternoon trip by scooter or car something special.

Omis is about an hour from Split and just as you cross the Cetina River where it meets the sea via a small bridge, make a left and just keep following the road. As you pass through several tunnels, immediately you are alone on a two lane winding road following the marshlands and the river on one side and steep rock walls (lots of climbers here!) on the other. Not a house in site!

The Cetina, with an arched bridge over it, from high up in the canyon

Within 15 minutes you come to Kastil Slanica, a famous riverside restaurant that’s partially built into the remains of ancient kastil (tower). It’s the place where on Tuesday nights they re-enact a pirate attack and lay out a fabulous spread of authentic local food (Omis was famous as a pirate lair and for centuries they drove the Venetians crazy picking off their ships from their lookouts in the cliffs that surround Omis). Then further on Radman’s Mills, a restored flour mill that’s been turned into a sprawling recreation area. After these two civilized places, it’s just you, the river, the cliffs and gorgeous scenery for miles.

The road is filled with lots of Z shaped switchbacks and soon you’re way up in the hills going past tiny hamlets with names like Slime (!) and a half a dozen rocky lanes with signs stuck on wooden posts that swoop down to the river offering rafting–this is the best rafting in Dalmatia and we spotted dozens of campers, cars and motorcyles at each filled with people ready to raft.

On the way back we decided to explore the Old Town of Omis, which parallels the road from the bridge. With streets and alleys even narrower than those in Trogir, it’s a walkers delight and after four hours on a 50cc scooter, it was GREAT to walk!


The Old Town has some wonderful narrow stone streets

One of the intriguing things about the Old Town is the remains of a tower built into one of the craggy cliffs that loom over the entire town that can be reached through an arched alleyway directly in the Old Town. Another must-see is an enormous ancient church directly in the center of town with a wonderful carved portal.

There’s tons of restaurants here and lots shops…so after discovering the Cetina and the canyon; doing some rafting, going for a swim on the long stretch of beach in town, walking the Old Town makes for a perfect finish to a perfect day!


Some of the wonderful details on portal of the Old Town’s largest church

And since so many people all over the world love taking photos of doorways, here’s our favorite from the Old Town:



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