Posted by: viewfromtheriva | December 17, 2012

Viewfromtheriva wins Expats Blog Award!

View from the Riva – Split Croatia

3rd place Bronze Award
Life in Croatia as seen by an expat who has

lived overseas for 15 years

We say: Mouthwatering descriptions of

national delicacies accompanied by photos:

look out for soparnik, a dish protected by

law as a national food and the hilarious

mistranslation, snapped on a silkscreened

wall menu at Popaj, of tortillas with small

crabs as tortillas with smallpox. There are

beautiful pictures of Croatian landscapes

and celebratory events – we love the

very colourful photo in the post on Sudamja

in Split. Indeed the category list should be

broad enough to fascinate anyone keen to

visit or live in Croatia; we noted the posts

on baseball, probably of particular interest

to those from the US!



  1. great job…keep up the good work…from an ex-pat down the coast

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