Posted by: viewfromtheriva | December 13, 2012

Smallpox in Split!

Read it and weep….errr……eat?

Having lived overseas for many years I have come across a lot of strange spellings and “bad” English translations, but this silkscreened wall menu at Popaj, one of Split’s most successful fast food joints, stopped me cold.

The word “smallpox” in Croatian is similar to “small crabs”…but it seems that  some hapless soul  ran it through on online translator and up popped “smallpox”

As a lover of language, this gaffe is way up there on the funny scale.

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  1. Did you show them that mistake? If not you should, this is embarrassing. And they have no idea….

    • absolutely, they put a Band-Aid over it. And then some weeks later it mysteriously disappeared!

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