Posted by: viewfromtheriva | December 1, 2012

Soparnik is here, Split’s holiday season begins!

Sooparnik,  a unique Croatian delicacy, protected by law as a national food!

Soparnik, a unique Croatian delicacy, protected by law as a national food!

December in Split means the entire waterfront Riva turns into a giant arcade filled with booths selling everything from candy to champagne and oysters!

But for Splitcani, the people who live here, it’s time to enjoy the wonderful seasonal foods like bakalar (dried cod) made with mashed potatoes or with tomato sauce; homemade sausages; lots of rakias (naturally flavored hooch) and of course soparnik, an enormous  double-sided ultra thin pizza-like pie stuffed with blitva (about as close to spinach as you can get) which has been lovingly lathered with olive oil, garlic and sauteed onions.  A single pie can yield up to 40 pieces and a slice sells for 5kn, about a dollar.

Although the ingredients are pretty much the same, the soparnik from Poljica, the hinterland area about 40kn north of Split, famous as an independent republic for hundreds of years, is one of the best.

Policjka soparnok, the best!

Poljicki soparnik, the best!

Chewy, garlicy heaven–no wonder the crowds go wild!

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  1. never tried that before, it looks absolutely delicious!

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