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Split’s surprising Sunday Flea Market

From old Elvis LP’s to Omega pocket watches, the Split Flea Market is one surprise after another!

May 1 2017 UPDATE

Surprise, the Green Market Flea Market is back!!  Not sure how long the authorities will let it stay, but it is definitely here again.  Not as vast as the huge outdoor event behind Nirs, see below, but much more funky!

March, 2017 UPDATE

The new hot spot is the giant flea market only on Sunday near the Nirs Hotel complex, just off the highway in Solin.  A huge parking lot selling everything from cars to antiques.  Opens at 8 pretty much winds down around 1PM.  If you dont have a car, take UBER or a taxi and just tell them the Sunday market where the big trucks park behind Nirs Hotel complex.

Sept.2016 UPDATE

Alas, the local officials have shooed away these day sellers and now just a few are left and they set up their shop on the stone tables inside the Green Market opposite the Tommy market. Very sad to see them go….but in previous years they all come back when the tourists leave…maybe city officials think seeing all these folks selling stuff on a Sunday sends the wrong message?


Every Sunday an impromptu flea market appears in front of the stalls that line the Stari Pazar (Green Market) just up the steps and to your left–all the way to the parking lot.

From Elvis LP’s to Omega pocket watches, it’s all here and it makes for a fun hour or two checking out what new goodies the locals have brought.

Both sides of the alley arcade running north from the Green Market are lined with all sorts of stuff from cast-off clothing to crystal

During the summer the vendors pack up and move to behind the flower selling area in the market proper, but now that the tourist season has wound down, they are back at their favorite haunt.

if you are looking for odd tools, pressure gauges, handles, hinges, electrical switches–they’re all here too.

What we like about Split’s flea market is the rather astonishing array of what’s here.  Not just cast off clothing and shoes, but housewares, old tools, books, DVDs, magazines, electrical supplies, Croatian stamps, Russian mechanical cameras, telephones (new and old), hand-made table cloths as well as real antiques.

We picked up this large, heavy cut crystal fruit bowl, circa 1930, for less than $10!

Practically every time we go we always find something and march home happy for the experience as well as for finding another small treasure.

An excellent collection of pocket watches was very tempting but we passed

The only problem is that sometimes the treasures are too great to resist.  Like today, a new vendor!  With some really fine old pocket watches, some in working condition, others not.  But the prices were real bargains and it took a lot of will power (and the fact that I already have a half a dozen!) to tear myself away.

A classic old-timer telephone

By now some of the vendors know us by sight and chat us up trying to show us their newest stuff.  What’s really strange is that more and more when we realize we need something odd and don’t really want to buy a new one, we always seem to find it at the Sunday Flea Market–like an immersible water heater for making tea or instant coffee when you are in a hotel; a particular wrench, set of concrete drill bits and just a spare mobile telephone power adapter.

Looking for a spare power adapter for your phone….it’s probably here!

Of course a lot of the stuff here is absolutely worthless flotsam and jetsam–but in between the worn out goop and the gorgeous men’s leather bag except for one gorgeous impossible to fix hole, there are gems.

OK basketball fans, the 2007 NBA highlights are waiting for you!

Like a highlight DVD featuring the best NBA hoopsters from 2007!  Perfect Christmas gift to anyone living in Texas who remembers when the Houston Rockets were the team to beat.

Wonder what next Sunday will bring?







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