Posted by: viewfromtheriva | November 24, 2012

Swimming in November and Villa Rossini

Overlooking Bacvice Beach, Villa Rossini’s outdoor dining area offers a sumptuous view

As part of a business meeting today, my colleague and I decided to check out Villa Rossini, a restaurant located on the spacious grounds of an historic mansion perched above the city’s favorite beach, Bacvice.

We started out with an excellent cream of shrimp soup made with chick peas to give it an unusual texture–smooth, intriguing flavor, a gold star beginning!

For the entree I selected tornedos of chicken stuffed with prsut and gorgonzola with a caper and cheese sauce….a bit over the top but beautifully presented.

The wine was a Malvasia, a less sweet white than Grasevina, crisp and perfect.

Dessert was sinful.  A choice of dark or milk chocolate cake more like a solid mousse that chocolate and devils food.  Divine!

What was lacking was the service, the vegetable side with my chicken came fifteen minutes later; we had to ask for bread; water was never served (though asked for) and alas, the olive oil for the very good bread, never appeared as well.  Considering there were only three tables with guests on a lazy Saturday afternoon, the kitchen and the wait staff were hardly pressed.  But all in all, a good enough first visit to commend a second.

As we were waiting for coffee, I got up and walked around the wonderful grounds.  Sure enough, on such a glorious day there were some people swimming!  Not just a gaggle of teens playing the local version of hackey-sack in the water, but seniors and others lazing about, doing laps, backstrokes and just plain enjoying.

So who cares if it’s the 26th of November, come on in!

Since the water temperature here doesn’t vary more than 5 degrees or so year round, it’s very possible to acclimate and swim all 12 months.

Maybe next year!



  1. wow! must check this out when we are next in Croatia!

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