Posted by: viewfromtheriva | June 4, 2012

zzzzapp! wins start-up business showcase

From left to right: Robert Aronson, Tino Tokic and Andrey Shtylenko

Here’s the article that appeared in Digital Journal by Paul Bradbury.  The news about us was all over the web yesterday
Split – An innovative piece of WiFi advertising technology from three entrepreneurs takes first prize at Startup Live Split in Croatia.
zzzzapp!, a new IT start-up based in Split, took first place in Startup Live Split, a three day showcase event for entrepreneurs sponsored by SpeedInvest Europe, which finished on June 3, 2012.

Sixteen start-ups from six different European countries competed, pitching their company to a quartet of international judges representing European venture capital and mergers and acquisition firms.

The three-day event featured speakers from the U.S. as well as Europe who focused on what it takes to build a successful company and how to network and leverage ideas into success.

The zzzzapp team–Tino Tokic, Solin, Andrey Shtylenko, a Russian ex-pat now living in Split and Robert Aronson, an American ex-pat living in Split, premiered their Wi Fi-based company that changes any hotspot into a content delivery platform for information as well as goods and services.

The company went “live” just two months ago and is already generating 25,000 landing page views from just a dozen sites in Split.

New WiFi service zzzzapp! wins first prize as Split start-up

“Our goal is global,” said Aronson, the firm’s marketing director, “there are millions of hotspots all over the planet waiting to be monetized. By selecting key venues to reach tourists, we can not only sell goods and services but present a content rich platform of applications and information to help them while they are in a foreign environment–from where to get the best deal on local tours to today’s ferry schedule and currency rates.”

According to Tokic, who created the firm, “everything on zzzzapp is free–you get great information without having to search as well as special offers from local businesses.”

“As a result,” said Shtylenko, the company’s developer, “people stay on our landing page for more than forty seconds before going out to fetch their e mail or surf the net.”

“The ability to show advertisers how many people see their ad, how often, at what time, etc. allows them and us to tweak the system to change an offer in less than a minute,” Aronson added.

zzzzapp’s first prize win guarantees them a place at Europe’s most important start-up conference in Vienna later this year where major venture capital funds come to look for the next Google.

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