Posted by: viewfromtheriva | February 4, 2012

Split’s snowstorm of the Millennium!

Mihanoviceva Street was turned into a ski slope!

February 3rd, 2012 will go down in the record books as the snowiest day in the 1,700 year old history of Split!  The drifts on our outdoor balcony were 2 feet high, and the snow on the ground was 5-7″ easily.

Folks were even skiing on the Riva!

With temperatures refusing to budge above freezing, the snow stayed put and turned otherwise balmy Split into a blanket of snow.  As soon as the storm blew itself out, crowds packed the waterfront Riva and were having a ball throwing snowballs and giving their amazed children snow rides on makeshift plastic bags as well as real sleds (where did they come from?!).

Considering the amazingly warm weather we have been having all winter, the snow storm of the milennium came as a huge surprise and the entire city pretty much decided to shut down—no buses, no school, let’s enjoy it!

A real snowman, with the port and palm trees in the background!

It was a rare chance for some real creativity too–several larger than life snowmen appeared, including this beauty on the deck of a local cafe overlooking the port.

An olive tree bends with snow

With the weather forecasting another several days of sub freezing weather, the snow should stick around for quite a while.

The Snowstorm of the Milennium, just another fascinating milestone in the illustrious 1,700 year old history of Split!

Even our lemon tree, almost ready to harvest. got iced

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  1. Great pics Robert! Been cold here in NN too, and we are expecting another week of this or more! Kendrick

  2. How beautiful! and I like the snowman! I hope you could salvage the lemons!

  3. wow! I’ve never been in Split when they was snow!
    Looks really really beautiful!!!

  4. great pics! – a lot of our cacti died during the snow-storm in Feb… 😦

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