Posted by: viewfromtheriva | December 23, 2011

Something fishy in Split–and only a dollar!

Ready, set, eat!

Every Christmas, the Riva becomes alive with holiday booths selling everything from local hooch (rakia), hand made ornaments, candy by the kilo and more.  But this year Cromaris, a big Croatian seafood producer, brought in a dozen portable booths and cooked up fresh fish to order for just a $l a plate–including a big fat bread roll!

It didn’t take long for a zillion people to cue up in front of their favorite type of fish booth–sardele, tuna, lubin, mol, tril and more—even shellfish!

Fish lovers unite!

We got there around 11AM and Natasha quickly took her place in line while I hunted up a place to sit—the day was glorious, full sun, in the 50’s, wonderful.

Pretty soon she worked her way through the throngs and came back with a heaping plate of freshly cooked trout–half hour later, we had some fish stew, followed by “dessert” of mol, a very tender white fish.

Long lines all day long, but there was fish for all!

Everybody was chowing down, a local band was playing music, it was really great to see everyone having such a good time–and all for only $1.

Cromaris even gave out free recipe books!


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