Posted by: viewfromtheriva | October 29, 2011

Another perfect late October day in Split!

The stunning view  from just above the ACI Marina in SplitI never fail to be aware of just how beautiful it is to live and work here! After spending a morning helping the Split Film Festival write a grant to the EU Media fund for support of its 17th annual festival next year I went for a coffee at the fabulous outdoor terrace above the ACI Marina at Adriatic Graso.

On the way back, looking down into the shining city and the armada of sails (the boats in the foreground are Lasers–speedy one person sailboats) I realized, wait, stop, take it all in and now take a photo!!

It’s so easy to take for granted these kind of everyday scenes.  

Another perfect late October day in Split!





  1. split is really a great city and I would like to live in Split like u

  2. I have just been for a walk in Korcula, and wish I had my camera with me. I am a New Zealander living in Korcula and it is so beautiful this morning – hopefully you are having the same lovely day there.

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