Posted by: viewfromtheriva | June 29, 2011

Split’s baseball team stumbles into the finals

After storming through most of the season whipping its opponents by double digit margins, Split’s baseball team stumbled its way to a 5-4 win over Karlovac to move into the finals against Zagreb.

The series against Karlovac took 5 games and yesterday’s victory was as ugly as it was beautiful.

Despite having such an easy time in the Croatian League this year (the last time I looked I think the team was 16-2) and then going to Greece to win a European qualifier, Split struggled against very weak pitching and most of its runs were unearned.

Helped by a questionable home plate call, Split hung on to a l run lead until the 6th inning, but then a series of errors followed by spectacular plays got them back into the game.

But the team was so tight, even the crowd was on edge,  moaning and groaning over every bad throw, failing to stay on the bag to tag up on a fly ball,  weakly striking out with men on base and more.

There were so many weird moments it was like watching the best of MLB and a last place high school team in the same inning.

Here are some highlights:

Strike 1:   routine ground ball to short, easy play, but the throw to first is way wide and short.  The runner, confident he can probably make second to get into scoring position because the ball won’t get caught, makes the turn. But out of nowhere, Split’s Filp Berecka somehow saves the bad throw with a diving catch, gets up from his knees, races bsack to he bag and nails the runner (who was probably even more amazed than the crowd which went nuts!)!

Strike two:  with the game tied, Karlovac threatening, men on base,  a line shot sizzles down the third base line with extra bases written all over it –but no, Tonci Jurevic, normally a shortstop, hurls his body sideways and makes an incredible leaping catch to his right–completely in the air– to kill the threat….and I think, save the game.

Strike 3:  Split up by l, top of the 9th…..two out.   The batter fouls off SEVEN pitches and finally puts us all out of our misery by grounding out.

Now it’s onto Zagreb where the team will face its former coach and star pitcher (and former Toronto Blue Jays prospect), Ernesto and his crew.

My take:  either 12-2 Split or 6-5 with both sides committing a total f 9 errors!

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