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Sudamja in Split!


An icon of St. Dujam

Yesterday Split honored its famous martyred patron saint–Saint Dujam, the “protector of the city”.  Born in the 3rdC AD,  he was the first Bishop of Salona, the ancient Roman capital of Dalmatia, from 284 until 304.

Reportedly, the Emperor Diocletian, regent of the province of Dalmatia, had Dujam executed on April 10, 304  in Salona’s  amphitheatre, traces of which can still be seen to this day.  Some historians claim it was the Emperor’s inner-circle who ordered the death, as a “present” to Diocletian on his return to the city, since he was not in Salona at the time.

The actual remains of St. Dujam are entombed in a shrine inside the cathedral that bears his name, which ironically was built inside Diocletian’s mausoleum and is now the focal point of the Peristil here.  An actual fragment of his tombstone is in Split’s  Archeological Museum, the oldest museum in Croatia.

Sudamja is here

His holiday in Split has been celebrated for hundreds of years on the 7th of May, which is also the Day of the City.  And it sure seemed like the entire city was on the Riva taking part in a big party.

Almost a hundred street vendors are out selling everything from balloons to hand made wooden furniture

A lot of male children here are named “Duje” in honor of their patron saint. Although there is a religious ceremony,  most of the day is being out and about, watching the crew races, eating popcorn, buying trinkets. watching the exciting annual steeplejack ascent of the Cathedral tower, but most of all enjoying the warmth of a day in May.

Way up high…the dot at the top left is one of the steeplejacks

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