Posted by: viewfromtheriva | March 4, 2011

March into Spring!

An early crocus opens its gorgeous petals

Even though we have a small garden above our terrace we really enjoy every inch of it….the lemon tree has been in full fruit for over a month and we’ve been picking them and making jam, etc. The last few weeks have been warm so the crocus, hyacinths, primroses and other early Spring flowers have all come up winningly.

These beauties really light up the garden

Last year we rescued some primroses from the city’s “summer cleaning”….work crews were taking out the Spring “crop” and planting new flowers and they just put the old plants in a plastic trash bag and asked if we could have some and they sure, take what you want.  So this Spring we have a real “bumper crop”.

Although our cat seems to enjoy this color immesely, here's one he missed!

We bought some potted plants last year and then transplanted them, hoping they would make it this year–so it was a very pleasant surprise to see that some of them made it, like this hyacinth:

Still on its way up, but full of color and what a luscious scent!

Not only do these flowers tell us Spring is really here, but the scent in the day as well as the evening of some of these beauties is really amazing.

Enjoy our new Croatian vacation portal

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