Posted by: viewfromtheriva | December 28, 2010

Skating in Split!

Skating on the Prokurative!

Some enterprising folks have turned Split’s historic Prokuraitve (the Venetian-inspired square at the end of the Riva, a stone’s throw from the Split harbor) into a skating rink!

Dubbed “Split Ice”, the rink is sensation that’s attracting skaters and curious onlookers day and night.

The monster Carrier ice maker behidn the rink keeps the ice coming

With the temperature hovering around 10C (around 50F) with some brisk winds, it would be impossible to have a natural rink, so the folks who invested in this idea have rented a monster ice maker to keep the water frozen on a rink they have set up.

The Prokurative is a great venue for the rink because it’s not only so  spacious, but being at the end of the Riva, everyone knows where it is.  Each summer, the Prokurative is one of the prime outdoor stages for the Split Summer Festival.

Split Ie, like all ice skating rinks, even has a hut where you can rent skates–just 30kn per hour ($6)!

Waiting in line to rent a pair

Natasha can’t wait—but she wants to go at night, when “it’s more romantic”.  As far as yours truly goes, I haven’t been on a pair of skates since I lived in New Jersey–and that was so long ago I think the blades were made of wood!


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