Posted by: viewfromtheriva | June 24, 2010

US Navy vs. Split, slow pitch softball Friday at 6PM!

Almost 90 years ago the US Navy came to Split and saw a bunch of tall, rangy Croats and asked if they wanted to learn to play baseball.  Overnight, Split became the first city in Croatia to have its own team, now called Nada, and as you know if you read this blog, third place finishers in the European Baseball Cup and first in the Croatian League and inter-league.

Well, apparently the Navy wants to see how good we are and has challenged the team to a slow pitch softball game  Friday at 6PM at Old Hajduk stadium so we’re all excited and I hope I get a shot to pitch.

On the way home I ran into Shane Braddock, who runs Lifejacket Adventures, a big guy, Aussie, who looks like he could kill the ball.  So I popped the question, hey, Shane, ever play sftball?

And whattya know, not only cricket, but softball!  And a home run hitter to boot!  So I’ll bring this secret weapon and hope he hasn’t lost his form.

Of course having played hard ball all season, not sure if our guys can hit a big slow moving ball, but we’ll see.

Saturday we begin playoffs for the undisputed league shampionship—game time 4PM.



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