Posted by: viewfromtheriva | June 6, 2010

A sunny day trip to Hvar

Beautiful Hvar town harbor

Living in Split it’s easy to forget how close the islands are.  So yesterday we hopped on the fast catamaran and were whisked to gorgeous Hvar,  the largest island in the Adriatic and a destination of the jet set as well as day trippers like us.

With castles and forts, ancient churches, Stari Grad (an olive grove/vineyard UNESCO site that is the oldest continuously worked agricultural plot in the world–more than 2000 years old!) terrific restaurants, rolling landscape and luscious swimming, Hvar really does “have it all”.

No Photoshop here, folks, even my $50 camera can’t lie–this water is fabulous!

Walking around the horseshoe shaped Hvar town harbor takes about 20 minutes…there’s lots of shops, a Konzum and a Studenac to pick up a picnic as well as the town’s fish/vegetable market just above the town square (with a convenient pay toilet, laundry and SHOWER below!).  Looming over the harbor is a fort from Venetian times and in the town square proper, an ancient church and just a few steps from there a museum and leading from the museum, the oldest public theatre in Europe, dating back to the early 1600s.

A pretty window into one of the many konobas (taverns) that line the steep, winding side streets off the main square in Hvar town

In many ways Hvar town is like a miniature Dubrovnik, with lots of streets from the main square climbing up the steep hill that surrounds the town; filled with very good small restaurants, art galleries, jewelry shops and upscale sportswear boutiques.

Look up and you’ll see wonderful Renaissance sculptured family crests, lions, vines and other motifs

You can spend an afternoon here, like we did, and then get the bus into Stari Grad to catch the ferry home or several days.  There’s a ton to see and whether you rent a scooter or a boat (about $75 for a small skiff with an outboard) or just poke about using the bus, Hvar is a delight!


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