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Dine Around Split–great food for just 15E!

There are a lot of hotels in Split that don’t have restaurants, although all of the offer breakfast.  Ask anyone where to go to get a good meal and you’ll hear about all the konobas like Hvaranin, Varos and many more together with well known local favorites like Fife, Nostromo, Boban, etc. and expat haunts like the eclectic Black Cat Bistro.

With such a huge choice what’s a hungry tourist to do?  Well, if you are a guest at the Marmont, Slavija, Globo, Authentic, Palace Suites and other places without a restaurant, or just want a really good meal at a really authentic local eatery, now there’s Dine Around Split.

It’s  a quartet of restaurants with a terrific soup to dessert menus, including a beverage, for only 15Euros–far less than what it would cost choosing from their regular menu.

The four are:  Apetit, Marul, Piccolo and Bajamonte.  And all of them offer a choice of vegetarian, fish, beef and poultry meals to satisfy any appetite.  And you can even reserve in advance–a real plus in the busy summer.

Each has a special English language menu–just ask for the Dine Around Split menu at each of these restaurants, tuck in your napkin and enjoy!

Here’s the ad from DiscoverSplit!

Dine Around Split

Experience the best of Dalmatian cuisine steps from the heart of Diocletian’s Palace! From fresh local fish; vegetarian entrees; hearty salads; to inspired chicken and meat dishes, Dine Around Split offers you a terrific choice of meals—all include a fresh appetizer, complete main course with vegetables, house special dessert and coffee, tea or soda!

Just 15€ with all taxes and gratuities included.

Apetit Subiceva 5, tel. 098-173-0736–through the Iron (West) Gate, first left past Narodni Trg (where old City Hall is)—look for the Apetit flag!

Trattoria Bajamonte Bajamonte Ul., inside the Palace, just 20 meters to your right, before the Iron (West) Gate

Konoba Marul Trg Brace Radic, directly behind the Riva, tel 330-068 in “Fruit Square”, to the right of the Venetian Tower

Konoba Piccolo Dobric 8, tel 343-378 just around the corner from Konoba Marul

And here the Dine Around Split menu from Apetit:


–all meals served with your choice of coffee, tea, soda or water

Meat choices

-Beef soup

-Grilled rumpsteak with roast potatoes,vegetables


-Mushroom cream soup

-Beefsteak salad with parmesan chesse

-Chocolate cake


-Dalmatian prosciutto(smoked ham)

-Chicken breast stuffed with bacon and chesse, with a side of french fries

-Green salad

-Homemade cake

Seafood choices


-Fish soup

-grilled seabass (vegetable)



Rocket salad with parmesan chesse

-Grilled fish filet with roasted vegetables



-Scampi pate

-Fried calamari with French fries

-Green salad


Healthy Salads!

-Caprese salad (tomatoes and mozarella)

-APETIT (scampi,salmon,zucchini)

-Fruit salad


-Greek salad

-Vegetable risotto

-Chocolate cake



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