Posted by: viewfromtheriva | May 31, 2010

Dancers Kolar and Markovic shine in BoNet

What a marvelous evening of dance tonight as part of a three city tour funded by various cultural organizations as well as an EU fund.

The evening was devoted to three pieces performed by the internationally known and very gifted Croatian duet of Masa Kolar and Zoran Markovic.  It ended with their most famous work, Bo Net, which has received rave reviews here as well as abroad.At

At the recently ended 3rd International Choreography Competition in Copenhagen, Kolar and Markovic won two awards: the Audience Award and a prize for exceptional dance achievement (Masa Kolar) for Bonet. which they jointly choreographed.

The first piece, choreographed by Leo Mujic was entitled “Do you still feed the animals?”, with music by Purcell and costumes by Petra Dancevic.  Full of kinetic energy and mime, sinewy and elegant, it was both poetic and highly charged.

The middle work, a video piece called Colour Lab was one of those creations that you either love or hate.  Focusing on Kolar as a cadaver who is exposed to various colors and expresses each, the piece was overblown and long and with such fabulous bookends as “Do you still fee…” and BoNet, paled by comparison.

BoNet, with music by Venetian Snares: Hajnal and costumes by Petra Dancevic, was gorgeous.  Working off the inspired score, the dancers created so many wonderful images with their hands, bodies, fingers I wanted it to go on forever.  Their choreopgraphy is at once fluid and graceful and then hard edge–sharp angles made from using each other as well as mime-like articulated gestures with arms, legs and hands.

What a treat to see such gifted work in a handsome little theatre (normally the venue for the city’s puppet theatre) with just a few hundred people at 9pm on a Monday night.

Their full-length play Bonet will be presented at the International Theatre Festival in Varna during June.

I wish I could be there!


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