Posted by: viewfromtheriva | May 29, 2010

Fabulous peka at Konoba Idro in Trogir

UPDATE JUNE 2014:  Idro now opens at 3PM, so if you want to enjoy fabulous peka at Konoba Idro, gotta wait til 3!

Today we went to Trogir with some friends and had a fabulous cooked-to-order peka lunch at Idro, a restaurant in the courtyard of a 13thC building located in the warren of medieval streets that make up the historic core of this UNESCO town.

After being slow cooked under a bed of coals and covered with an iron dome (with more coals piled on top of it), this is what peka looks like when the dome is removed

Authentic Dalmatian peka is slow cooked over wood coals under an iron dome….the dome also has coals on top of it, kept in place via an ingenious band of metal.  This allows everything in the iron pan under the dome to be cooked evenly.

Time to take off the dome and chow down!

Idro’s peka is fabulous–chunks of veal, chicken and lamb….potaotes, carrots and spices.  Yes it sounds like mom’s pot roast, but the gravy made by the combination of the meat and chicken is so yummy it permeates everything and with the home made peka bread and wine from Ivica Lozic’s uncle (the owner), we were in gastronomic heaven.

Since there were 9 of us, we had two big pans of peka, just to the left is the first one with its dome still on, still covered with coals

I was the only one who opted for the terrific rosada dessert, the Croatian version of flan, but better.

If you are coming to Trogir, give Ivica a call at o91-271-2710.  You have to order several days in advance and have a group of at least 5 or 6.  At just 120kn per person, without wine, it’s a bargain.  Even the home made beef soup for starters was a revelation.

Another great find in always surprising Croatia!

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  2. Konoba Idro has to be the best restaurant in Trogir,absolutely fantastic.

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