Posted by: viewfromtheriva | May 13, 2010

Split’s Olive Oil Festival

Olive oil lovers checking out the merchandise!

Olynthia's small booth had their new natural lemon, garlic and rosemary infused oil which made a big impression!

Small olive trees were placed around the square and in the center was a tasting table for local makers

Earlier this week the city put on a small but interesting Olive Oil Festival in Fruit Sq. (where the statue of Marulic is) just off the Riva by the newly-restored Venetian tower.

The square was decked out with small olive trees and signs and in the center was a tasting table.  On the first day, city officials showed up to open the event and were joined by a klapa band…nice touch!

The event was put together by Uje (oil in Croatian), a shop that sells olive oil and other goodies, here.  It’s actually a shop for Braccia, a very good olive oil from Brac packaged in a gorgeous white ceramic container that looks like it could made from the famous Brac marble (used on the facade of The White House, the marble from this island is still being carved out of the hills and has been for several thousand years!).

Natasha and I were on hand to help Olynthia Natura owner Frane Kastelanac and his son Marko behind the booth with tastings.  About a half dozen local manufacturers set up booths, including one from a commercial manufacturer.  There was a decent size crowd mingling around, enjoying the various flavors.

It was a great chance to hear first hand about olive oil and what makes it taste so different.  Just going around to the tables and seeing the colors in the dishes was amazing–from pale, pale green to electric yellow.

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  1. How fun!! I can’t wait to return to Split this weekend. it’s been fun in the States See you soon. by the way, the kids, loved YOUR children’s book!!

  2. Wish I could be there- looks devine !!

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