Posted by: viewfromtheriva | May 11, 2010

Split tourist office comes back home to Church of St. Roche

Welcome back! Notice the laser-cleaned entry portal.

After more than a year stuffed into the Sightseeing/Guide Bureau cubicle in the Peristyle, the Split Tourist Information Office has moved back into the Church of St. Roche.

The 13thC church had been undergoing restoration to shore up its foundation.  The exterior portal has been laser-cleaned and the interior has been re-plastered and re-modeled to give the space a much more open and light feeling.

Some of the staff, including Alijana Vuksic, the director, on the right

On hand for the grand re-opening were local city officials, tourist board officials and the general public who enjoyed some light refreshments and klapa mujsic.

The Tourist Information office here in the heart of the Palace is visited by hundreds of thousands every year and with their new digs, everyone will be able to get more information, more easily.

Welcome back!

Enjoy our new Croatian vacation portal

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Coming to Split?


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