Posted by: viewfromtheriva | April 30, 2010

Let’s go to Diocletian’s Palace!

Now line up class and make sure you have a buddy

Sitting on the Riva this morning, Split’s glorious waterfront promenade, I looked up from my cup of coffee (and scrumptious Le Maison de Sarah pastry) to see a gaggle of kids all lined up to go on a field trip to Diocletian’s Palace.

The basement entrance to this 1,700 year old living piece of history is just a few meters away from where this photo was taken.  It’s moments like this when we all remember the field trips we had as kids…to the zoo, a museums, one year we even got to go to a Ford assembly plant!

But in America our historical context all too often begins with George Washington–which all too often  makes everything (and all too often, everyone!) else so exotic, like Egyptians and Greeks, Muslims and Hindus.

So on a day like today, seeing all these kids trooping into the Palace, is a marvelous reminder of  just how fortunate some kids are to be able to live in a city smaller than many in America where such a fabulous treasure is right around the corner.

And it’s clear that even after they grow up and sit on the Riva drinking the same coffee that their fathers and mothers do, that they still dig it.

hey...wait for us!



  1. Lovely day! how fun you captured this moment.

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