Posted by: viewfromtheriva | April 29, 2010

Tabby finds a home

Tabby, king of the garden

There are a lot of cats where we live and they do pretty well since the folks who live here tend to leave bowls of water and scraps even though the friendly felines are born in the wild and live outdoors.

We took a shine to Tabby when he was a kitten.  He and his sister, Fabby, were born in the bushy area below our terrace and we saw them playing around for months before we decided to see if Tabby was interested in finding out what the inside of a house looked like and maybe even have a home cooked meal of gavuni (sardines, more like anchovies).

For the past few weeks he’s been coming around and has been more and more affectionate and winning.  He even lets us pick him up!  Now he’s a regular fixture, guarding our place like a sphinx, checking out the moths and tiny lizzards in our garden.

And he talks.  No really, he meows when Natasha looks at him and says, “Tabby wants food?”

Sure enough, he nods and says very proudly, MEOWWW!

What a great cat.

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