Posted by: viewfromtheriva | April 3, 2010

Split slides into first place with a 4-2 win!

Baseball season here in Split began several weeks ago with away games in Zagreb and Karlovac, two of the toughest teams in the league.  We came back to Split with a 3-1 record, sweeping Zagreb but splitting a pair in Karlovac.

This is my second year as assistant coach and first base coach and it’s still a huge kick to be able to throw and play in practice with kids way less than half my age and still be able to handle most of the ground balls and be able to get it over the plate….no heat, but most of the curve is still there.

Today was our first home game.  Under bright sunny skies and a crowd of 43,000 in old Hajduk Stadium, (okay 43, but they loved it) Split quickly took a 2 zip lead with some timely hitting and clever base running.

Sasso, our starting pitcher, a legend in the league 10 years back, re-joined the club last year and this year is even better.  He pitched a dazzling 7 innings giving up only 2 hits and l earned run.  What a master class watching him mix off speed curves and trick fasballs to totally dominate a frustrated Karlovac team.

Head coach Ernesto finished off the last two innings rearing back and chucking 85mph fastballs to seal the win.

We would have scored more runs but except for a run scoring error, Karlovac played gutsy defense robbing several players of extra base hits with some great catches in the outfield.

After a day off for Easter, the same two teams play on Monday at 2PM.

You are all invited!

Head coach, premier pitcher, all around handsome nice guy!

Karlovac spent most of the game with the bat on their shoulders or striking out

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  2. […] Split slides into first place with a 4-2 win! « View from the Riva … […]

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