Posted by: viewfromtheriva | March 13, 2010

Lemons are ready!

After waiting 9 months, our lemons are finally ready

Seven kilos and a lot more to go!

After waiting 9 long months our lemon tree is finally ready to give up its babies.  Last year the harvest was pretty meagre.  So this year we made sure to give the tree lots of extra water during the hot summer and then wrapped the whole tree in netting to keep the cold from bruising the fruit.

Natasha makes lemon jam, marmelade, cake and more.  And boy are they yummy.  What’s interesting is that these lemons are not very sour, (but they do have a huge number of pits) so they don’t require a lot of sugar.  And there’s a cool technique of using locally-produced rum instead of sugar to give the cooked fruit an intriguing taste.

I’ve always liked lemons and grapefruit more than oranges and other sweet fruit, so I am really looking forward to this year’s harvest.  We’re still enjoying pomegranates that we harvested in the fall (they really do keep 6 months!) and I’m sure the lemon preserves will last even longer.

It’s always amazing to think that on our little terrace we have our own lemon tree, and just under the terrace, growing up high enough for us to pick, there’s cherries, pomegranates and olives.  And oh yes, a peach tree as we go down the steps to the street!

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