Posted by: viewfromtheriva | February 28, 2010

Avatar amazes…except for two amazing gaffes!

Well after waiting for all the hype to die down and the crowds to this out,  I  finally went to see the 3D version of Avatar at the Broadway Kino in the Joker Mall.

I’m not a fan of James Cameron, I thought Titantic was drippy, but he’s definitely pulled off a major coup with Avatar.

It’s clear he pays homage not only to Sigourney Weaver, she of Alien 1, 2, 3 (where she finally buys it) only to come back as almost an avatar in Alien 4, but to Joseph Campbell, the muse behind George Lucas’ best Star Wars movies.

Campbell’s “The Power of Myth” struck a deep chord in a lot of people.  The PBS series he hosted was watched by millions and his book was a bestseller for ages.

The theme of good triumphing over evil, of nature defeating anything we mere mortals can throw at her, has been an enduring theme for poets, playrights and directors since cave men drew on walls.

Hungry for more, I wish Cameron could have picked up the gorgeous thread of how all the trees were interconnected–but I loved how he had the natives literally plugging into the natural world around them for spiritual guidance as well as practical necessity (and who wouldn’t love to fly like a bird?!).

I also really respect Cameron and his casting people for resisting the temptation to use A list stars…we would have watched them and not been able to slip so easily into the movie.

The always reliable CC Pounder and other B list actors did a great job and I hope they all get a percentage of the gross!

And kicking out the imperialists and sending them back home in their rockets was surely better than having them all disemboweled by some very wonderful beasts.  Bravo!

As the most expensive movie ever made, we all get treated to the best money can buy–the visuals are stunning and the editing (which he also did in addition to getting sole writing credit) is also outstanding considering the movie  runs more than two and half hours.

And so what didn’t you like?

The 3D.  It was not nearly as wonderful as A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey.  I found myself taking off the glasses to enjoy the vivid colors. The glasses darken everything and the few times 3D actually made sense just didn’t add anything except to up the ticket price.

The music. Like too many blockbusters, the music was particularly dreadful.  Just slightly better than John Williams. Why Hollywood feels it has to use opera, choral singing and drums to tell us “this is a VERY dramatic scene” always amazes me.  Are we that stupid? And are composers that banal to trot out every trick in the book?

Now for the amazing gaffes:  the final battle scene and the ending.

How did Cameron and everyone else let these  stupendous continuity disasters creep into his otherwise totally under control film?

Remember the scene where the Marines are “attacked” with bows and arrows as the natives try to defend their tree home?  All of the arrows bounce off the glass aircraft canopies, not one has any effect.

But in the climactic final battle scene, oops, ALL of the arrows not only smash through the same canopies, many actually kill Marines!

But the most amazing gaffe is the final scene when Sully, as his avatar, has his eyes closed and his lover gently strokes his face.

Uhh, see that hand of hers? It’s a human hand, with real fingers and nails…not at all like the mottled snake skin she and all her kind have.

Most Hollywood movies are not shot in sequence.  So most likely this scene was shot early, some “hand model” stood in and an assistant director had a moment of glory for 20 seconds and way later this gem was edited into the rest of the film.

All in all however, this puppy will be the biggest grossing movie ever and deservedly win a slew of Oscars.

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  1. Good eye I didn’t catch that scene of Sully’s human hand..

    I agree over all it was a good movie.

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