Posted by: viewfromtheriva | February 13, 2010

Sunshine and Carnival Time in Split!

Face paint, costumes, let's Carnival!

The sun broke out today after what seemed like a week of rain and drizzle and being Carnival Week in Split, it looked like the whole town was on the Riva.

Lots of great costumes, from babies dressed as Dalmatian puppies to teenagers decked out as SpiderMan.  Music, fun, popcorn and all that makes an early spring Carnival so much fun.

The city had a host of events, including contests and different kinds of music, that hopefully will become a big annual festival.

Despite its small size, Croatia has some internationally-recognized world-class Carnivals, the biggest and weirdest is in Rijeka where more than 100,000 strut their stuff until all hours dressed up in all sorts of eerie celebration get up.

Of course having lived in Russia for a decade, the “burning of Winter” is celebrated all over the country and like many Eastern European countries marks the first signs of Spring, signaling the re-birth of nature, planting new crops and the continuation of the eternal cycle.

For Split’s annual Carnival to become more popular it needs to have a focus rather than just be a lot of fun on a sunny day, contests and music (reggae in Split?).  Let’s hope the city planners, who do such a great job promoting the art, culture, history and beauty here will do the same for the Carnival.

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Coming to Split?

Large Carnival goers on their way to the Riva

And there was cotton candy too!

Kids, kids, everywhere!

A tribe of local Indians planning to take over Marjan Hill



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  2. Oh how fun..I totally forgot today was the beginning of the carnival. I’m crossing my fingers that tomorrow the sun returns so we can take our little one!

  3. Awesome post! Great photos too! Make sure you are out on Pokladni utorak when the carnival is at it’s peak and many groups will fill the streets!

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