Posted by: viewfromtheriva | January 29, 2010

Weirdness on the walls of Split

Hi, would you like to dance?

There’s way too much graffiti in Croatia–Zagreb is a mess downtown and Split has its fair share too.  Most of it is just ordinary tagging–annoying and not very creative.  But this beauty, part of a wall on the street that runs from the Joker Mall down to the Split Baseni (swimming pool) has an amazing stretch of wall of over the top graffiti including this gem.

One of the radio stations apparently ran a contest a while back and the chance to do your thing on this wall brought out all the best and brightest talent.

This beast and a terrific reclining nude are the clear winners.  Wish I had a T shirt!

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  1. I have seen some crappy posts but this one really impresses me. Good work!

  2. nice post. thank you so much for the information

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