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Split showcases 30 years of Diocletian’s Palace restoration

How lasers are being used to remove hundreds of years of grime without ruining the surface structure of ancient monuments

One of the many large posters explaining the restoration process

All three floors of the Old City Hall are dedicated to showcasing what the city has done over the past 30 years to restore the Palace

The gorgeous stained glass windows in the second floor of Old City Hall

Close up view of the wondeful stained glass windows

The City of Split has mounted a terrific three floor display to celebrate 30 years of preservation of Diocletian’s Palace.  Complete with multi-media presentations showing what the Riva, Peristil, Zlatna Vrata and other famous landmarks looked like before UNESCO awarded World Heritage status to the Palace, the exhibit is free and runs through January 15th in the Old City Hall, located just outside the Iron Gate (West Gate) in the square with the famous clock tower.

It’s really a must-see exhibit for anyone interested in the Palace not only from a historical perspective of seeing what has changed over the past 30 years, but what remains to be done.  The Roman Baths under the Slavija Hotel for example, are shown and discussed in one of the dozens of well-designed, large multi-lingual posters that line the walls of the Old City Hall.

The third floor even includes a marvelous wooden table filled with the tools of the conservators trade–a fascinating glimpse in the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into preserving everything from the textural finish and color of limestone to repairing badly damaged frescoes.

Kudos to Goran Niksic, head of the Department for the Historic Core of the City of Split, Mayor Kerum’s office and be sure to see the Tourist Board of the City of Split’s  great video montage on the first floor which features some great computer simulations done by a Japanese TV station that shows what certain parts of the Palace originally looked like.

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