Posted by: viewfromtheriva | December 26, 2009

Napolitanki. a yummy part of Croatian Christmas

Delicious Napolitanki, a tradtional Croatian holiday dessert

Croatians love sweets. Besides  the stupendous array of pastries available at almost every streetcorner pekara (bakery), home cooked goodies run the gamut from pancakes filled with meat, veggies or sweets to pies, cookies, cakes and delicious Napolitanki.

Napolitanki are made from crushed flour layered wafers, soaked in special ingredients depending on the maker and then rolled in sugar.  Tiny olive leaves are inserted into the ends of these delicious morsels to give them a festive holiday look.

Oh yes, we also had goose, a number of salads, bread, local wine and other dessert–walking it all off on the Riva around 8PM.  Yummy!

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