Posted by: viewfromtheriva | December 20, 2009

Sunshine returns to Split!

Lunch on the terrace

Sunshine at last returned to Split after days of rain and icy temperatures.  With snow in the mountains and temperatures hovering around 1C, it’s been pretty miserable, even for Split.

But today, the sun was bright and high in an ever so blue sky and of course the first thing we did was wipe off the table on our terrace so we could enjoy lunch al fresco!

Living here it’s so easy to get used to the warm temperatures and sunny skies–so when it gets rainy and cold it seems, well, weird.  The locals I think secretly like it.  We walked along the Riva a few days ago and women were happy as a lark wearing FUR coats!  I even saw a Russian-style fur hat.  And Helly Hansen down filled parkas were out in force after being packed away for the whole year. Even I have to admit that for the first time living here I wore gloves.

Another oddity is the lack of central heat.  Even modern apartments use their air conditioning on heat mode or plug in an electric heater when it gets cold like is it now.

Some people are actually predicting a “white” Christmas for Split…even a light dusting would be amazing.  Despite our love of the sun, we’re keeping our fingers crossed….

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  2. Are those pancakes?? Breakfast looks yummy!

  3. I love your blog! We are thinking about visiting Croatia sometime this coming spring.

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